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Why It’s Important To Repair Your Background

Why It’s Important To Repair Your Background

It’s important to repair your background for many reasons. This article acts as a resource for you to determine why it’s important to repair your background right now, assuming that’s your goal, and action steps necessary to take to make this goal a reality. You will soon discover why more people and business owners choose to Guaranteed Removal exclusively to manage their reputation.

The names Toyota, Disney, Amazon, and Coca Cola often make into the list of the most popular brands in the world. Why is that? It’s because these brands have successfully won the trust and loyalty of their customers. In addition, they have a powerful background story supporting their brands.

Very few organizations pay attention to the importance of having, improving, or narrating their background stories. For them, it’s just a thing of the past – something that doesn’t make the cut for investing time and money on.

Ever noticed how the “About Us” page of tons of local businesses tends to be the most poorly designed and miserably worded part of their website? It’s because they don’t think it’s important enough. Now, that’s where they are wrong.


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What’s On Your About Page?

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Look at it this way. You just moved into a new town and want to look for the best local plumbing service. On asking around, you find people’s opinions divided over service A-Plumbers and B-Plumbing Service. Now you decide to do a little research on your own, so you check out to their websites.

Both companies provide similar services and are equally popular among the local community. However, the “About Us” section on the A-Plumbers website carefully narrates the compelling story of the business’ humble beginnings. This family-based business started with 3 people that are now more than 100 employees serving the local and surrounding communities.

In contrast, the same section on B-Plumbing Service’s website includes just the year it began operating and the areas they serve – giving you practically nothing to understand about the business, its background, the people who run it, their values, their commitment to their profession, or why they are well-liked within the community.

Looking at it from this perspective, most people would choose the services of A-Plumbers. Why? Because, even though they’re new to the town, they seem to connect with the way A-Plumbers present themselves. They don’t appear to be strictly business – their story humanizes them, invokes an instant bond with customers who can see there is more to them than just fixing pipes and quoting bills.


What About Social Media? 

We are often asked, “what about my social media channels?” Does it matter what I post or what others post about me? And if so, how does this affect my reputation? These are all great questions. The short answer is that everything that is published on the internet matters. Think of your reputation as a rosebud. Every time someone posts a negative comment, picture, or video about you or your company, it’s as if a gardener trims a stem or brand new bud that temporarily shortens its growth.

Guaranteed Removal suggests:

  • Disallowing people to tag you in images on social media.
  • Remove pictures of you partying with your friends in high school or college.

You see, your reputation, while fragile, is reparable. Think about it another way, how many celebrities do you know who’ve had a brush with the law or were publicly shamed over and over again 5-10+ years ago? How are they now? If they are still with us, they’re likely doing very well, if not thriving today.

This leads us to our next question…


What’s Does Your Background Say About You Online?

Most people and certainly most businesses have an online store. The Dropbox founder – Drew Houston came up with the idea for a cloud-based file sharing platform because he kept forgetting his USB too often, creating trouble for himself during his days as a student at MIT. If no one else, a university student would definitely know the pain of constantly forgetting a USB drive!

So, now that our society is hyper-connected via smartphones and WiFi, the need to curate a positive and authentic internet presence is vital. It will mean the difference between getting your dream job, client, or attracting your ideal business partners. Your internet visibility lets people know what you’re about, what’s important to you, and how you want others to see you.

Now’s a great time to ask yourself “what do you want to be known for and know as?”.  What’s the difference? The question “what you want to be known for?” relates to what other people say about your accomplishments or failures. A better way to explain this is to use an example. Therefore, Christopher Columbus is an explorer who arguably “discovered” the Americas. He’s known for this event and yet he’s known as an “explorer”.

This means that in your business or your everyday life problems will arise. Someone may attack you and post revenge pictures, videos, or articles on you or your company. Their frustration, whether valid or not, will affect your reputation if it goes viral.

So, what do you do? If your online background isn’t 100% “ideal” a good option is to suppress “bad” information with positive stories and news that can hide old less favorable data. For example, if you’ve just won an award or a new promotion, this is the golden nuggets of reputation ready to repair your background or have more questions about our process, contact us today.


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Repair your reputation

Help, I Need Emergency Reputation Management Services!

What if you or someone you know is in desperate need of emergency reputation management? That’s why solutions like Guaranteed Removal exist. ER, or emergency reputation, companies work quickly to protect and manage your privacy and restore your online reputation. The goal is to limit too many people access to your information. We all know that if your reputation or the reputation of someone you know can wreak havoc easy and immediate support is available. Learn more about how to remove posts from the cheater site.

How does it work?

When you’re ready to improve your reputation online, you’ll contact one of our reputation management experts. He will research your individual case and answer any remaining questions you have. Within a few hours, you will receive an analysis via email with exact details on ways we’ll repair your reputation.

For instance, if a mugshot, an arrest record, or negative reviews are found by you online, we will find it and remove or suppress this content to fully restore your internet identity.

Can I Do This Myself? – DIY Reputation Management

If you seek to repair your reputation on your own, there are two main ways to proceed. First, make sure you have plenty of time to call and email these various website owners. You may need to reach out to them multiple times before they will remove your information from their website or social media page. To reduce a bit of time search for the owner of a website, use this site: Whois.

Next, be sure to search the top search engines for additional potentially harmful information. If you choose this route, you’ll need to invest time locating each image, video, or article published about you. To reduce some time going this route, use sites such as to locate the owner of the site where harmful content exists.

Without a valid reason for them to remove this information, site owners aren’t at liberty to do so. Plus, Google rewards websites that consistently publish new content, even if it is negative because it can improve their site rankings.

If the above doesn’t work, you can request removal directly from Google. Once you land on this site a video will show you how to submit the request. There are no guarantees that Google will accept your request, however.


What to look for in a Reputation Management Company?

At this point, you likely realize that professional reputation management is necessary for improving your online presence. So, how do you decide which company to choose? Here are 3 questions you want to ask:

  1. Do you guarantee your work?
    • Removing an arrest record or a mugshot requires significant work. Make sure the company will not charge you again if the same record or image appears on the same website.
  2. Do you have a legal team?
    • Not many reputation management companies have a legal team on staff to issue “takedown notices”. If a legal team is not on staff, expect to make a lot more for your reputation management.
  3. How long will it take to remove my information?
    • The answers you receive will vary based on the company you call. Some companies are faster than others. They have a full staff of professional SEO and content strategists who work quickly to repair your background. Depending on your situation the process can 72 hours up to a few months.


I’m Ready to Repair My Background, Now What? 

With the information above, you are fully aware of what it takes to improve and repair your background online. Once you call us, we will answer your questions as well as request some basic information from you.

Therefore, if you’ve found any information that negatively impacts the reputation of someone you know, contact us immediately. Contact our emergency reputation management agency today.


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Our removal procedure is a simple and fast solution, get rid of jail mugshots, arrest information, and booking records before it harms your online reputation. Here is the simplest procedure.

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