Guaranteed Removal From The Internet

Guaranteed Removal From The Internet

Guaranteed Removal From The Internet

Guaranteed removal from the internet is not only possible, it’s the best way to “do business”.  Typically, people believe that once something is on the internet, it is there for life! This is true to a certain degree, yet our proven methods work every time. Before you call us, we recommend a few suggestions.

1. Start at the Source

First of all, you have to go to the source of the content if you want it removed.

“To remove something from Google’s search results, you have to remove it from the original source first. Once you take down a piece of content, Google and other search engines will naturally filter it out of search results.”

2. Go to Data Collection Sites

Whether you want to remove a specific piece of information about you, or whether you want to completely remove information about yourself from the website, we make sure that data collection sites are part of that. If you own a piece of online content, for instance, and you remove it, then any site that has collected data on the fact that it used to be there, will continue to hold that information. Hence, we make sure that your information is gone from data brokers, as they are also known.

There are companies out there that collect your information. These are also known as data brokers and they have names like Spokeo,, PeopleFinder, etc.  They collect data from everything you do online and then sell that data to interested parties, mostly in order to advertise to you. guaranteed removal

3. Check Whether There Have Been Guideline Violations

If there is information about you online that is negative, defamatory, or simply something that you personally don’t like, and this information is posted somewhere that you have no control over, then we may still be able to have it removed as part of our guaranteed removal from the internet service. We will look at whether the content is in violation of the website’s guidelines and terms and conditions.

“If there is negative content on a site that violates their policies, you can typically “flag” or “report” the content directly to the website for moderation. If the moderator believes the content is in violation, they will remove it completely from the website.”

4. Using the Google Removal Tool

Every search engine has some type of removal tool. Remember, however, that they will usually want you to go to the source (see point 1) first, and that, if you have tried this, they will only remove items if these are in violation of their guidelines (see point 3). Hence, as part of our guaranteed removal from the internet service, we will check if Google will remove the information.

You can ask Google to remove your personal information. Data like your bank account number, an image of your handwritten signature, a nude or explicit image or video are subject to removal by Google.

Clearly, working with us, a professional reputation management company, is the safest and fastest way to removal your information from the internet. What we can’t remove we bury. Sometimes an item on the internet, due to the ownership of the website or article, will not come offline. In this case, we are able to push negative information beyond the third or fourth page of Google. This is ideal because over 97.5% of people never go beyond the 2nd page of a search engine. Why? Simple, when was the last time you went beyond the 4th page of Google to look for information? Exactly.

So, are you ready for Guaranteed Removal to improve your internet reputation? Contact us today and restore your reputation.

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