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Things Found Online that Could Stop You from Getting Your Dream Job

Things found online can tremendously affect your prospects of a better future. There is nothing worse than getting rejected for a job that you’re qualified for. If this happens regularly, then chances are your background is yielding negative results. And it’s scaring employers away because more and more companies are carrying out background checks.

We’re going to introduce you to some of the things found online that could stop you from getting that dream job.

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A Mugshot/Arrest Record

It’s estimated that a bad hire can cost three times as much as the annual salary of that bad hire, so companies are careful about hiring the wrong person.

A mugshot or an arrest record is the number one problem that could stop you from getting that job. A convicted criminal is exactly the sort of person companies want to avoid like the plague, both due to trust issues and a resulting public backlash. Things found online may be true or false, but it really doesn’t matter. Once someone has formed their onion of you, it’s hard to fix it.

Evidence of Illegal Drugs

Did you know that some companies in the US will even conduct drug tests on their employees?

But of those who don’t, evidence of illicit drug use, such as weed, ecstasy, or cocaine, could stop you from getting that job. Employers don’t want bad influences in their company, or any legal problems should the employee get caught.



Extreme Views

Companies have found themselves in hot water because some of their employees have presented extreme views online on social media.

Businesses have to be extremely sensitive to social media, so they’re screening their employees for extreme views. For example, if you once said that you wanted to assassinate the President of the United States as part of a joke an employer could take that seriously.

And that also goes for extreme political views. They don’t want the trouble.


Attending the Wrong Events

Likewise, if you’re a known activist the company doesn’t want to experience any embarrassment. People have been fired for attending white supremacist marches in the Carolinas. The same goes for animal rights activists and those who protested the Keystone Pipeline.

If your picture is seen in the local paper as part of a controversial protest march it could make employers think twice.


Last Word – What Should You Do?

The answer is to protect your image carefully. In other words, don’t volunteer for that interview with a local news station. Don’t post the wrong type of photos on social media.

Remember that even making your photos private isn’t enough. Many employers will demand to vet your social media channels anyway.

For any negative results, you need an online reputation management service to bury those bad results and to replace them with good ones.

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