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Busted Newspaper Removal How To | In this growing age of technology and the sharing of information, the odds are high that your mugshot is online if you have ever been arrested. is a public database that publishes arrest information online. This easy to navigate website is perfect for locating an arrest record on a friend or colleague.


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There has been a lot of uproar on the internet nowadays about the publishing of negative information. New stories ranged from new state statutes to mugshot owners getting arrested for extortion! A Busted Newspaper removal may seem like a fairly daunting task. But with the right guidance, Guaranteed Removal can have your information removed in 72-hours. 100% Guaranteed.


How Does Busted Newspaper Make Money?

This website utilizes Google Adsense as their main source of revenue from what it appears. The way Adsense operates is by adding banner advertisements on the margins of web pages (normal places in header/footers or side menus). These advertisements derive from your personal search results history(cache). For example, you have been looking on Amazon lately for a new coffee maker. Next thing you know, the following week you are browsing the most recent arrests and you see that same coffee maker on Once you click on that ad it will credit Busted Newspaper and give them a commission. Overall, the more users that click on ads within Busted Newspaper, the more money they will generate.


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Busted Newspaper Responsiveness.

In short, yes. Websites that post-arrest information must comply with any and all state laws. For example, in certain states such as California, it is illegal to charge for mugshot removal. So in turn, BustedNewspaper will request a copy of your dismissal document and after a few days, they will erase mugshots. They just delete it.

Please make sure to be polite and non-combative while emailing or calling for a Busted Newspaper removal. Legally speaking they are within the law to publish arrest information and mugshots freely.




Erase Mugshots With Guaranteed Removal

Our goal here at is to completely eliminate all traces of your arrest online. Yes, employers can still visit the county site if your case was not resolved but we believe you must keep some personal public information private or it has the potential to hurt you later on in life.

We start by conducting a free analysis to determine if is the only website displaying your public information. All we need from you is your dismissal paperwork.

Finally, after 48-72 hours the individuals’ public information will be removed off of BustedNewspaper. We do our due diligence here at Guaranteed Removal to ensure a speedy removal. Updating Google is known as deindexing (removing outdated cache). We guarantee our work on all busted newspaper removal solutions.

In conclusion, if you have any questions or concerns in regards to how erase mugshots, please call us directly at 833-873-0360. We look forward to speaking with you soon! Read more FAQs here.



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