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Busted Newspaper Removal: Here’s What to Know

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Are you familiar with mugshot websites?

These are sites that publish arrest records and mugshots online. They go through public databases to find every entry they can. They then publish that information without the consent of the people included in that information.

While they claim that their goal is to protect the public, these websites are not benevolent. Many of them charge money for people to remove their names from the listing. If you’re on the list and refuse to pay, it can show up on background checks. That can hurt job opportunities, credit filings and your personal life.

You need a way to remove that info from sites like Busted Newspaper. The good news is that those ways exist. Some of them are free, and some of them aren’t. We’ll cover all of your options.

These five methods provide the means for you to beat the system and restore your good name. One or all of them will prove to be the right way forward.


The Official Busted Newspaper Removal Process

As a public-facing website, Busted Newspaper faces a certain amount of scrutiny and regulation. Laws vary by state, but most sites must deal with heavy restrictions on what they can publish. Because of that, they have a formal removal process, and you can use it.

Go to You will find a contact form. Fill it out. You’ll notice that they want legal documentation. That’s the key. In order to guarantee that they will remove your listing, you need to prove that you fit one of the following criteria:

  • You expunged your records.
  • Officials dismissed your case.
  • The prosecutor filed your case as nol prossed.
  • You received a not guilty verdict.
  • You sealed your records

If any of these are the case, they have to remove your entry on their website. When you don’t have legal proof of anything on this list, things get harder. Despite the challenge, you have plenty of options remaining, and you can still get your name removed from the website.

Removing Listings Without Legal Backing

If you don’t meet any conditions listed above, Busted Newspaper removal gets harder. The website is not legally obligated to take down a listing. Despite that, you can still ask. While this might feel like a long shot, it’s really the first step.

Contact the webmaster and ask them to remove your entry. If they respond, they will tell you the conditions necessary to follow through. In many cases, they’ll ask for money. As long as you get any response at all, you have now entered negotiations. Try to negotiate terms that you can manage to have the listing removed.

If negotiations fail, you now know what you’re up against. It can help with some of the more complicated methods for Busted Newspaper removal.

Burying Listings That Won’t Budge

When complete Busted Newspaper removal fails, take a less direct approach. The plan is to bury their mugshots and listings with new content that does better on search engines.

Doing this requires effort, but it isn’t terribly difficult. You want to post pictures of yourself — with your name attached — on as many websites as possible. Social media is amazing for this. Blow up your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and everything else.

With sheer volume, your search results will shift. People who Google your name will see the new entries first, and the mugshot falls past the first page.

Making Legal Requests

Sometimes, you have to play hardball. To do that, you’ll need legal representation. That’s a barrier of entry for some people, but it might be worth it. If you want to go the legal route, your first mission is to have the courts expunge or seal your records.

This is a formal legal request through the court system. As you can imagine, it’s complicated. With a lawyer, it should be manageable.

Once you navigate the system, there are many cases where the courts will expunge your records, even after a guilty verdict. Each state has its own requirements, but usually, once a sentence is fully served or fulfilled, courts are willing to hear expungement cases.

Once your records are expunged, revisit the steps above. The websites have to delete expunged records. That means your quest for Busted Newspaper removal ends here.

Pursuing Clever Legal Battles

Not all records qualify for expungement. If the courts deny your request, you aren’t yet out of options. Things get harder, but you can look into some clever legal action that helps. Your lawyer is invaluable for this part, but you can do your own research too.

Start by checking state and local laws. Many states make it hard for websites like Busted Newspaper to publish any arrest records. If you’re in one of them, you can push those regulations to get your name off of their list. If you aren’t in one of those states, you can look to get a second residency or change your residency to a state with such laws.

When that doesn’t work, it’s time to get even cleverer. There is no roadmap for this part. Busted Newspaper removal requires creativity and research at this point.

There is one high-profile example to help you get started. A woman in Florida managed to have her records removed by winning a copyright lawsuit. Basically, she claimed a copyright on the content that was published, and the websites had to remove their listings. You might be able to pursue a similar tactic.

When all else fails, we specialize in removing these kinds of listings. Enlist their help. Our pro team uses all of their resources to get Busted Newspaper removal for you. They’ll attack all of the other websites that list your name too.

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